Challenges with PWA iOS 13 — From The Developer’s Perspective

Challenges with PWA iOS 13 — From The Developer’s Perspective Blog Banner

Challenges with web app development on iOS

Problem 1: Challenges with social login

Problem 2: Challenges with QR scanning (Camera)

Problem 3: Challenges with location (GPS)

Problem 4: Challenges with push notifications

Few other problems…

  1. iOS is a super miser when it comes to memory allocation to web apps. It only has 50 MBs to offer. That would need some exceptional app caching logic from your side.
  2. It doesn’t allow background sync — again — it’s a significant setback for any web app if it wants to replicate the native app feel.
  3. iOS cleans up the unused files of the PWA apps from the disk, and that too without your permission. If you haven’t accessed the app for 15 days (almost) — iOS will clean the memory automatically.



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